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Wild Growth® Light Oil Moisturizer is ideal for both hair growth and repair with its own proprietary nutritional complex that provides protection from dryness and friction damage with a lighter forumula. • Size: 4 fl oz / 118.291 ml
Few drops are required for never before achieved longer and thicker hair, eye brow, lash and growth protection. Prevents dryness by holding moisture for extended periods and provides glide-through grooming without breakage. Use in shampoo or as co-wash and on wet hair for added growth protection. Wet, damp or dry hair conditioning. Completes 24/7 growth protection, maintenance and protection when used with Wild Growth® Hair Oil. Light bodied, highly lubricating, scalp debris disintegrating/freshening, colorless with a natural deodorizing scent. Wild Growth® Light Oil Moisturizer will provide protection for hair when in protective styles by keeping hair continually moisturized, slippery without oiliness, with no build up, flakiness or odor. Wild Growth® Light Oil Moisturizer also makes an excellent hot oil treatment.

Detailed Description:

Wild Growth® Light Oil’s growth protection nutrition formula is good for African and non African (ex. Asian, Caucasian, Indian, Middle Eastern, Spanish, Native American etc.) and has natural non-clogging leave-in conditioning properties.

Shampoos with any decent sudsing and grime cutting action have one major drawback--- They are toxic or poisonous to all organisms including humans. Toxins or poisons do much worse than nothing for hair conditioning or growth. The proven Wild Growth® solution is to add a few biologically energized drops of Wild Growth® Light Oil Moisturizer directly into each shampoo or co-wash portion that is to be used to immediately experience the following results:

1. Protects fuller and longer hair growth never before achieved (When used as a scalp oil many users report satisfactory to amazing growth protection results including new growth in bald or thin spots to the point of completely filling in, first time lengths [to shoulder, below shoulder, to bra length, below bra length and to waist length], and first time thickness.).

2. A first time immediate feeling of cleansing liveliness in the scalp and a unique vibrance to hair texture after shampooing and rinsing.

3. Reduced hair breakage.

4. Uninterrupted protective nourishment of hair root and follicle, throughout shampoo exposure.

5. Instant chemical buffer: natural hair cuticle seal guard during shampoo chemical attack.

6. Stabilization of sebum energetics for hair growth protection and maintenance.

7. Flake and gunk busting hair and scalp build-up guard

8. Anti-grab frictionless lubricator for abrasion and breakage protection during wet, damp or dry detangling/grooming and wearing of protective styles.

Water, when present, is a moisturizer and lubricant. But it also breaks down protective surface oils such as are found in wood (wood contains a cell-wall structural protein), hair, and other protein based molecules. When the water leaves, so does the protective barrier, with resulting parching and cracking. So while still wet, Wild Growth® Light Oil Moisturizer as a leave-in conditioner for wet-hair will slow down the drying rate while progressively sealing the hair cuticle with fine replacement oils.

Wild Growth® Light Oil Moisturizer directly applied to wet hair will produce the following results the following results:

9. Less tangling, easier glide action combing/brushing, less frizz, and more body

10. Reduced hair breakage.

11. Uninterrupted protective nourishment of hair root and follicle.

12. Instant protective water proofing: natural hair cuticle seal against water attack.

13. Stabilization of sebum energetics for hair growth protection and maintenance (English: keep your natural oils and avoid build up (as sometimes produced by co-wash products) at the same time by squeezing 5-10 drops in shampoo and another 5-10 drops on rinsed wet hair as a leave-in conditioner.)

Usage Tips/ package directions:

First Month Use Instructions: The formula is concentrated so start slow and closely observe results. Week 1: Shake well. Gently apply only once sparingly on entire hair and scalp. Week 2: Apply twice every three days. Week 3: Apply three times every two days. For Week 4 and beyond, adjust quantity and frequency to keep a continuous light coating of moisture on hair and scalp (three times per week will work in most cases).

Shampooing and Rinsing (on wet hair)

• All hair types:
5-10 drops per dab of shampoo or as part of co-wash. Then 5-20 drops in wet hair and scalp after rinsing.

Between Washings (on dry hair)

• African Quality Hair:
Sparingly use on hair and scalp between washings on dry hair to control dryness. Reduce amount to control oiliness.

• Non-African quality:
Ideal for hair breakage reduction: Add 3-10 drops to wet hands and rub hands together. Then rub hands first into most dense sections of hair. Then continue rubbing in progressively sparser areas. Lightly brush or comb through every 3-5 minutes until hair dries.

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